Oriel Glass Studio


Background Work

Whether you are wanting to commission a modest panel for your home or a large church window, the stages of planning and execution will be similar, only the time scale will differ.   Initially at an informal meeting your ideas can be discussed and any technical issues clarified.  It is essential that the fabric of a building is in good order before new glass is installed and that any work complies with the necessary Health and Safety and Building Regulations.  If it is necessary to consult with an expert, be it a Joiner, Architect or Structural Engineer, it is best done at an early stage. 

Budget is always a consideration when planning a window.  It is common practise to charge for work by the square foot (or by the 0.09290304th of a square metre if you prefer!)  If you have read the page ''Glass Facts'' you will appreciate the vast range of materials and techniques available and hence a corresponding range of price, from as little as £50 per square foot for simple work up to perhaps £500 per square foot for the most complex.  It is helpful to have an approximate idea of size and how much you have to spend from the outset as this will dictate the nature of glass that can be produced.

You are most welcome to visit the studio (by appointment), view Helen''s extensive portfolio and see work in progress to familiarise yourself with the medium.  It may be helpful for you to see windows already installed by the Studio and every effort will be made to arrange this for you if required.  For a successful outcome it is important that there be a close working relationship between artist and client, easily achieved if you are a private individual but in the case of larger organisations it is preferable to nominate one or two people to act as intermediary.

The Design
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Once you are satisfied that the style and quality of Helen's work suits your requirements and a budget is agreed, work will begin on the design.  For modest commissions a flat fee of £100 is charged in recognition of the work involved.  This is deducted from the final bill assuming that the commission proceeds to completion.  For larger jobs when extensive research and artwork are required, a fee will be negotioated, usually about 10% of the total budget.  In all cases a scale watercolour sketch will be prepared.  Alongside samples of the glass to be used this will give an accurate representation of the finished work although Helen reserves the right to use artistic discretion in small detail.


Permission to Proceed

For Public or Church commissions it may be necessary to submit a formal design proposal, for example in the Church of England where the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) must be consulted to gain a ''Faculty'' or permission to proceed.  Occassionally a small sample panel can be made to support this application and Helen is always more than happy to to present her proposals in person to a committee or other interested parties.

Making and installing the Window
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Once the design has been agreed and any necessary permissions obtained, work will begin on the manufacture of the window.  You are always welcome to visit the studio by appointment and to view work in progress.

Installation of a modest domestic window, perhaps a front door can be carried out by any experienced glazier.  Recommendations can be given of local firms or Helen will liaise with your fitter if at a distance.  For larger commissions and for churches she will oversee installation directly in collaberation with your Architect or Site Manager.



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